Teardrops falling down like rain
trees bending to touch the sky
clouds having pillow fights
shades of green mix with earth browns
blue sky playing peek-a-boo
sun's rays shooting diamonds in the stream
babbling brook talking up a storm
sweet air with caressing breezes
gentle thoughts calm my mind
a quiet moment steals into my heart
capture time within this secret place
enjoy the newness of the hour
past hurts and pain are washed away with the rain
and all that remains is a sweet memory
accepting, moving on, pushing forward, growing
letting strength that is within me shine through
a hunger for life spreads through my body
like a warmth it sparks my soul's desire
breathing deep I let his love fill my soul
and dream of a time when I am no longer alone
taking hold of happiness as a gift from above
talk to God and let Him lead you on the right path
LIFE is for the living...be alive, be happy, be strong
be in love, be the best person you can be
believe in the worthiness of you
for with love, you can do anything

Poetry from Lady Kath