And when I dreamed
I dreamed wondrous dreams
of a place hidden deep within my heart
that was mine and mine alone.

A place where I could go
to find myself when I was lost
and dream of a lover who would
love me like no one ever had.

And even though many years
had passed without that love
still I searched... still I dreamed...
for dreams sometimes do come true.

And day...
a man quietly came to that place
so gently did he arrive that
it took me awhile to realize he was here.

I looked at him in awe and wonder
as he touched my heart and soul with love
so I asked him why he was here...
he said I came to kiss away all your tears
and to take away the loneliness there

And looking deep in my eyes -
he said just three words
“I love you”
and I knew he was the one
I had waited for.

Poetry from Lady Kath